What is the volume of a right circular cylinder with a base diameter of 20 cm and a height of 5 cm? Express your answer using π . Use 3.14 for pi and round only your final answer to the nearest hundredth.
The two cross sections shown are taken parallel to their respective bases. The cross sections have the same area. If the heights of the two solids are equal, find the volume of the cylinder. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth. A. 465.10 cm^3 B. 480.08 cm^3 C. 489.40 cm^3 D. 498.04 cm^3
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But 64 times pi, now we're going to use the calculator's internal approximation of pi, which is going to be more precise than what I had in the last one and you get 201, so let me put it over here so I can write it down, so a more precise is 201, and I'll round, I'll round to the nearest, I'll round to the nearest hundredth so you get 201.06 ...

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  • seams. The tank is in the shape of a cylinder covered by a hemisphere. If he wants the height of the cylinder to be 50 feet and the diameter to be 80 feet, how many square feet 50 of aluminum will be required for its construction? Round your final answer to the nearest hundredth. 6.
  • Say x = .4553 Now when you round to the nearest hundredth, you get x = .46 because the thousandth digit is 5. .4553 is closer to .46 than to .45. Therefore statement 1 is not sufficient alone. If you round off x to thousandth and get .455, you do not know whether x was .4546 or .4553 initially...

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  • Rounding to Nearest Hundredth The hundredth number is the second digit after decimal point. If the third digit is greater than or equal to 5 add 1 to calculate rounding to nearest hundredth. Example: 10,276
  • Give your answer in terms of ( and rounded to the nearest hundredth. Form C Circle the best answer. 2. What is the volume of the composite figure to the nearest hundredth cubic inch? The lower object is a cube, and the height of the cylinder is the length of a side of the cube. F 225.42 in3 H. 266.25 in3. G 228.57 in3 J. 2712.96 in3. 6. A slice ...

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Find the volume of each figure. Round your answers to the nearest hundredth, if necessary. 4 yd I yd in V 10 in 16m q. 2- UIs B 12 I OIL. 3 m3 8 in 10 in 6 mi -L (T e) .10 1 8 mi 7m 12 ft Il mi 10 ml 16m 7m 10m 7m

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Find the volume of each figure. Round answers to the nearest hundredth, if necessary. 13 mm 10 cm 12 ft 6 ft 5 mm Volume: 4 yd 10 mm 5 mm 13 in 5 in Volume. lift Volume: Volume: 5 in Yd 5 mm 7 mm Volume: 2 cm 3 cm Volume: Volume: 6 yd 3 in 11 yd Volume: 12 in 10 in Volume: Math-Aids.Com

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Use π ≈ 3.14, and round your answer to the nearest hundredth. 8 in 4 in square inches Could you show a problem of what is the surface area of the cylinder to the nearest tenth?

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Geometry Find the volume of each figure. 10 12 cm 8 cm 6 cm 10 cm 11 cm 8 cm 6 cm 10 cm 6 in 4 in 3 in 5 in 8 mi 6 mi 10 mi Name Date Round your answers to the nearest hundredth, if necessary.

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Correct answers: 1 question: Given the points below, find XY. Round to the nearest hundredth. X(-9, 2) and Y(5, -4)

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Sep 27, 2017 · Let the right circular cylinder have a radius [math]r[/math] and height [math]2h[/math]. Since the cylinder has to fit inside a sphere, [math]\qquad r^2=5^2-h^2[/math] Volume of a cylinder is [math]\begin{align}\qquad V &= \pi r^2(2h) \\ &=\pi(5^2...

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