7. 3rd Gear 26 tooth 3901161 WT304-11 3rd gear Kit Includes gear and sleeve#3 WT304-11AX 8. 3rd Gear bushing 2.313”od x 1.953”id x 1.984”long 3932274 WT304-19A 9. 3rd Gear thrust washer 3932267 GM3932267 10. 2nd Gear 35 tooth 3901158 WT304-21 11. 2nd Gear Synchronizer ring 3950367 WT304-83A 12.
Jul 01, 2014 · Most of these transmissions will vary the gear ratios depending on the application or year so substitute gear ratios should exist. You just need to find the shop that has the parts and experience. If you go this route you face pulling shipping and replacing the transmission plus the bill.
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Using the TREMEC gear ratio calculator, you can see what speeds the TR-4050 will give you with a common 38-inch-tall off-road wheel/tire combo and 4.56 axle gear ratio. Plug your vehicle specs into the calculator to see how the TR-4050 will perform.

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  • The mathematical formula for determining a gear ratio in these transmissions is: Ratio = (A ÷ B) x (C ÷ D) Where: A = headset-driven-gear (countergear . front gear) tooth count. B = input-shaft tooth count . C = first-speed-gear tooth count . D = countergear tooth count Let’s use the late M20 and plug the tooth counts into the above formula ...
  • The AX5 was the light-duty, five-speed transmission in the 1984-2003 XJ, YJ & TJ Jeeps . Compatible with AMC I4 engines ; Aluminum case and top cover. Close-ratio first-gear and overdrive in fifth gear ; Neither strong, nor suited to conversions or serious off-road use ; 1984-2003 XJ, YJ & TJ Jeeps

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Nov 17, 2019 · While pulling a trailer, or with 2 cords of wet firewood in the bed, starting off with the standard T90 3 speed transmission in first gear, requires considerable clutch slippage. If your Willys' differential ratios are 5.38 or 4.88, this isn't too bad. But, with a 4.27, certainly a 4.09 or 3.54 final ratio, the T90 transmission is not ideal.

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  • Quality Fuller transmissions, Spicer, Rockwell, Eaton Fuller transmission and Mack. If you need a Spicer transmission or differential give us a call today.
  • I have a 1 ton chevy pick-up K30 4 wd with big block 454 and sm465 transmission and 4.56 axle ratios. Will a nv4500 bolt right up to it with existing stock transfer case and bell housing? This truck was factory equipped with 350 V8 gas engine. Input shaft dia and number of splines are unknown by me-have not removed it yet. Farm use daily driver.

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Shown to the right is a 2.28 ToyBox mated between a SM465 and a Land Cruiser 4-Speed transfer case. In this setup, the gearing is as follows: Transmission: 6.55:1, ToyBox: 2.28:1, Transfer case: 1.96:1 This particular drive train was installed into a FJ40 with 4.88:1 differential gearing. The end result is 3 low range ratios:

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I rarely need to use “granny gear”. With the transfer case shifted into Low Range, and the transmission in Low gear (Crawl Ratio), I can step out of the truck and can hardly walk SLOW enough next to it. The crawl ratio is 81 to 1. For comparison, the stock “crawl ratio” was a miserable 19:1. Driving offroad with a 19:1 ratio and ...

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The mathematical formula for determining a gear ratio in these transmissions is: Ratio = (A ÷ B) x (C ÷ D) Where: A = headset-driven-gear (countergear . front gear) tooth count. B = input-shaft tooth count . C = first-speed-gear tooth count . D = countergear tooth count Let’s use the late M20 and plug the tooth counts into the above formula ...

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This gear was used from 1963-1978 in automatics, 3 speed manual, and 4 speed manual. It depends on tire size and rearend gear ratio of what is used so be sure to check your old one before ordering. This one is green and has 22 teeth. They are made of plastic.

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GM & CHEVY SM465 4 SPEEDS 1968 & UP: This transmission can be identified by a case length of 12". ... This transmission has a non-synchro first gear. The gear ratios ...

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Aug 03, 2013 · I'm undergoing this same swap. I'm using a slave cylinder from a Chevy 3500. My SM465 came with the NP208 behind it. I needed a drivers side drop b/c I'm using axles from an early Bronco. I snagged an NP241c from an 88 Chevy truck. It mounts up to the adapter using the same 6 bolt circular pattern that the 208 uses. The 241c came in 27 and 32 ...

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