Dec 18, 2006 · No, although it seems that there is an unofficial color code for romex jackets in use nowadays. 14/2 is generally white and 12/2 is generally yellow. this just makes it less likely for an installer to grab the wrong spool of wire when working fast.
romex in PVC yes all the guys that work at in New York at The Home Depot will tell you, just skin the outer jacket, remove the paper, and run the individual wires inside your pvc conduit, that is underground, then bring the jacket part into your panel/pull box etc. Personal I seen a lot of romex in pvc conduit, going to swimming pools.
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Oct 31, 2010 · This is an existing house. The wire is run in the crawlspace. He drilled through the brick where the main panel was, ran the line under the crawlspace. It's just sitting there on the ground. 4-wires, 2-guage with the standard sheathing, that's it. Once it goes outside on the other end of the house it's buried and covered with PVC conduit.

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  • Jun 12, 2008 · I belive you need to use 3/4" coduit for a single 12-2 w/g, and 1" for two peices of 12-2 w/g. This is because the width of the Romex determines to size of the conduit. So romex is about 3/8" wide. Anyway, I've seen where short peices of smaller conduit (1/2") would be used soley for protecting the romex on the way by/pass/through something.
  • Romex SIMpull 28893601 NM-B Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable With Ground Wire, 600 VAC, (2) 8 AWG Solid Copper Conductor, 1000 ft Reel L, Black Romex SIMpull Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable, NM-B, 600 VAC, 40 A, 2 Conductors, Solid Copper Conductor, 8 AWG Conductor, 0.612 x 0.269 in Outside Dia, 1000 ft Reel Length, 7 Strands, PVC Insulation, Nylon, Black, 90 deg C

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If your conduit is outside then you cannot use NM cable ("Romex" is a name brand) and you cannot use THHN. Neither of those is waterproof. Outside wiring requires either UF cable, THWN wire in conduit, or some other waterproof wiring method. Usually you will find dual rated THHN/THWN, which is okay for outdoor use in conduit.

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  • Jackson Lighting & Electric Supply is the new home of BulbTown and is your one stop shop for hard-to-find light bulbs and lighting and electrical supplies and accessories of the highest quality!
  • Answered by Jeffbr: 1st, you cannot run romex thru conduit. open stranded or solid wire thhn insulation will be needed. 2nd- Since 1992 all circuits running to feed hot tubs, spas or swimming pools must be in conduit. If you do not run conduit then romex can be used ,however it must be GFI protected in the main panel before the romex run.

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Jackson Lighting & Electric Supply is the new home of BulbTown and is your one stop shop for hard-to-find light bulbs and lighting and electrical supplies and accessories of the highest quality!

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No. Romex+outside in conduit= wet location. Conduit which is not subject to any weather would be OK, but very few outdoor locations fit that description. The bottom line is this: if you could use NM there without conduit, then you could sleeve it in conduit. 30 Related Question Answers Found

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Jan 28, 2018 · I am doing a project to run an led flood light along with cameras. My question is firstly can I run Romex externally in a conduit with the camera wiring and if yes, does the conduit have to be a speci … read more

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(Romex is running perpendicular to Joists). Are there any special considerations if I do this. For example, do I need to install a running board to staple the Romex to? Note: I won't be installing drywall on the ceiling of the 1st floor shop so I'm not fussed about the Romex being in the way.

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Wire Major Manufactures Romex Regular Romex Simple® Romex Aluminum Romex MC Regular MC Hospital Grade MC Solid MC Power cord SOOW Cord SJOOW Cord SJTOW Cord Bare Solid Bare Wire Stranded Bare Wire LV cable & Signal wire Thermostat Wire Regular speaker & in-wall speaker Wire Landscape Wire CAT 5 & CAT 6 RG 6 […]

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I noticed that the existing old black romex runs from the circuit breaker in electrical conduit in my walls. There is no way i can get more romex through that conduit. Can i add the romex outside the electrical conduit? i am not really sure why they ran through the conduit to begin with.

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