Japanese Mahjong (Japanese: 麻雀, 麻将 or マージャン; mājan), also known as riichi mahjong, is a variation of mahjong. While the basic rules to the game are retained, the variation features a unique set of rules such as riichi and the use of dora.
Riichi mahjong features dora tiles. Dora is a property that tiles may possess that increase a hand's value by simply having them. A tile possessing dora is called a dora tile, or simply dora. One dora equals one han for scoring. However, the possession of dora does not count as yaku. In other words, it is possible for a complete hand to possess dora and still remain invalid. Thus, the hand may ...
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Japanische Terminologie im Riichi Mahjong Here you can find a list of japanese terminology used in Riichi mahjong. You'll find for the japanese pronounciation, the Kanji/Kana and the english translation plus description. The first chart gives a general overview while the second one gives deeper knowledge over advanced terminology.

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  • Thus, a winning hand actually contains fourteen (or seventeen) tiles. Riichi Mahjong - Ohitorisama demo Utemasu! is the sequel to All-Star Mahjong - Kareinaru Shobushi Kara no Chosen is again is a mahjong game in which the player have 100000 yens to play mahjong matches againts 3 different opponents around town to increase his money.
  • Dec 10, 2010 · Since you draw your winning tile, you secure another yaku, Tsumo ツモ or "Menzenchin Tsumohou 門前清自摸和," 1 double the score will be 40 * 2 = 80 Unlike in the end of WWII, Japanese mahjong scoring system quadruplicates the score since in the midst of the 20th century. so that the score will be 80 * 4 = 320

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No mere tile-matching solitaire game, this is a full implementation of Japanese Mahjong. A fun, strategic variant of the classic multiplayer game! Features. Follows EMA (European Mahjong Association) Riichi Rules! Unique layout designed for phone screens! Beautiful, easy-to-read tiles (with traditional and simplified tile sets)

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  • Sep 30, 2018 · 1P has 4 Tiles, 4P has 1 Tile and Pei/North has 2 Tiles remaining This is an important shape that comes up often. If you see the 234 Pinzu as a completed Shun-Tsu (sequence) and the remaining 4 Pins as a pair, this will be a Shan-Pon/Sha-Bo wait of 4 Pin and Pei/North.
  • – Riichi Riichi Waiting hand declared at 1000 points stake +1: Mahjong first round after declaring riichi Ippatsu +1: Riichi declared in very first set of turns Daburu riichi – Fully Concealed Hand Menzen tsumo Self-draw on a concealed hand – Pinfu Pinfu Four chow and valueless pair Must declare mahjong on a chow with two-sided wait

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Autotable is an online platform for playing Riichi Mahjong. Unlike other mahjong programs, it's not really a game, but rather a tabletop simulator. The computer does not enforce the rules or make any moves for you. You are expected to do almost everything yourself: draw the tiles from the wall, sort them, call, make payments, and so on.

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Play Mahjong Daily Challenges with gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds. Microsoft Mahjong is the classic tile-matching game now updated with Daily Challenges, a new look and feel, and over 40 puzzles! Enjoy gorgeous graphics and relaxing sounds with multiple visual themes to choose from.

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Mahjong, as you'll be playing it in this game, is "riichi mahjong", similar to the card came of rummy, played with four players using mahjong tiles. It's not an easy game to just jump into. It has some terminology and rules and requirements that you'll have to learn before you can effectively play, so there's going to be a bit of reading required.

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Regular Japanese Mahjong set distributed by Yellow Mountain Imports. Tile specifications are identical bare strong resemblance to TAIYO-SANGO. Name: Japanese Riichi Mahjong Set with White Tiles, Manufacturer: Taiyo Chemical Industry, Material: Urea-Resin, Tile Dimensions: 25.5mm (H) x 18.5mm (L) x 15.5mm (W), Tile Weight: 11g, Backing Color: Yellow, Font Type: Kansai, Accessories: (1 x Wind ...

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Riichi Mahjong is the Japanese version of the Chinese game of Mahjong. It is played in groups of four, with 136 or 144 rectangular pieces called tiles. The main objective is to build sets with the tiles, through drawing and discarding them (similar to ‘Rummy’).

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Japanese mahjong makes use of "riichi" scoring rules, and a unique tile called the "Dora" tile which throws an element of luck and uncertainty into the game. Japanese mahjong is also the standard mahjong game in much of Europe. White and yellow, strong, scratch resistant melamine tiles.

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