— 7 th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 18-42-32 — 10 th house of Aquarius has Saturn 06-27-40 (Lord House) — 12 th house of Aries has Venus 00-28-21. Present Mahadasha / Antardasha — RAH – VEN till 30/ 9/20. Answers — Your chances of becoming a doctor are better as I see that eventually you would move to a foreign country.
Saturn Mahadasha effects are positive under Mercury and Venus Antardasha. It will be malefic while being paired with the Sun, Moon, or Mars. Saturn Antardasha under Saturn Mahadasha can bring better position and stature in your life. Likely, you will get a lot of support from people around you, making your life prosperous.
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Jul 22, 2019 · Venus is the lord of 9th house. Rahu in conjunction with the 9th house lord Venus, therefore it will give out results according to the ninth house as well. This means the current dasha of Rahu is also very potential for retirement. Ketu delivers similar results to that of Rahu. Jupiter is also aspecting the 9th house. Dasha & Antardasha Of Planets

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  • When Rahu Maha dasha and Venus Antar dasa is good , following things are possible, Acquire new house or car or both. Change of place or job or both. ( Good one) Found love of life , soul mate again a good one. Association with influential people , from South. When Rahu Maha dasha and Venus Antar dasa is not good , following things are possible
  • Saturn Mahadasha effects are positive under Mercury and Venus Antardasha. It will be malefic while being paired with the Sun, Moon, or Mars. Saturn Antardasha under Saturn Mahadasha can bring better position and stature in your life. Likely, you will get a lot of support from people around you, making your life prosperous.


WHAT IS KAAL SARP YOG. The Kala Sarpa Yoga is a combination of two words namely the Kala and Sarpa. Kala means the time personified. It is the time which is responsible for bringing out the changes in this phenomenal world.

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  • The Effect of Sun (Surya) Antardasha in the Mahadasha of the Moon. During the Sun Antardasha in Mahadasha of the Moon, the spirit of doing something new in your life comes inside the mind. Because the Moon is the mind and the Sun is the soul, then at this time, you can take any right decision from the mind and your soul.
  • The effects of Moon Mahadasha is explained on this page. Moon repesents the mind, mental strength and liquids. Moon rules the sign Cancer (Katagam). It is exalted in Taurus (Rishabam) sign and debilitated in Scorpio (Viruchigam) Sign. Moon rules stomach, Uterus, ovaries, breasts, and right eye for women, left eye for men.

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Each mahadasha is also subdivided into planetary periods called Bhukti, which run in the same order as the mahadashas, and with the same proportional length. For example, the first bhukti of Ketu is Ketu/Ketu, the second is Ketu/Venus, the third Ketu/Sun and so on.

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Rahu's mahadasha is a long period and goes on for 18yrs, a lot of things can occur in 18yrs! And then, Rahu's mahadasha and his sub-periods in the other planets Mahadashas do occur at any point of life. Check out which Mahadasha/Antardasha you are on using any Vedic astrology software.

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VENUS- RAHU Effect of the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Maha Dasha of Venus Sudden fear, loss of wealth and insult are possible. There may be enmity with friends, loss due to friends & distress may be caused by wicked people. Fear of fire and ailments of the urinary organs is possible.

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Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha. Rahu Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha is one of the hardest time the native experiences. My personal experience has also been very bad during the Antardasha of Shukra and Rahu Mahadasha. Generally the place of change happens for a wrong reasons. You might have to leave your family members for a long span of time.

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Effect of the Rahu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha. Very little money may be earned in work and business in spite of immense struggle. Bliss of wife and gain of wealth through her is possible. Friends may cause agony and fear of opposition with the family prevails. One may go abroad and prosper there. Ailments related to urinary organs may occur. Effects like gains of wealth through Brahmins, increase in the number of cattle, celebrations for the birth of a son, well being, recognition from ...

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Jan 18, 2015 · Above Mahadasha order is fix for any native in the world, i.e. after Mars, native will go through the dasha of Rahu and so on. In total it adds to 120 years. The probability of a human life span could be 120 years, however, no native goes through the dasha of all the above planets during his lifetime. What is Antardasha

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