Federal International provides the best commercial paper and plastic recycling services. We offer comprehensive programs for OCC recycling, LDPE recycling, every other grade of paper and plastic, pallet recycling, and metal recycling.
Webb Plastics, waste plastic recycling and regrinding services across the UK. As one of the most established plastic recycling business' in the UK, we pride ourselves on building relationships based...
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We’re seeking all types and forms of scrap plastic. Contact Domino Plastics today for a plastics price quotation. Call (631) 751-1995, or email [email protected] with pictures and details of your materials for sale . We offer the best plastic prices, fast quotes, reliable payments and outstanding service.

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  • Bringing together businesses, government and NGOs to tackle the scourge of plastic waste. Collections and Reprocessing WRAP is working with businesses, local authorities and waste managers to create a resource efficient economy.
  • Please keep plastic bags out of recycling carts and drop-off bins. They clog up our equipment and can cause a lot of wasted time and even equipment damage. At least twice a day, we have to shut the entire sorting facility down and send in people with box cutters to cut the plastic bags out by hand.

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PlastiCycle is the industry leader in plastic recycling technology & service. Sell your scrap plastic to PlastiCycle and cash in! Please note: 10,000 pound recycling minimum.

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  • Upcycling schemes also exist, such as turning old fabrics from factories into new textile products or turning old plastic bags into handbags and other fashion items. Plans are in place to convert a number of landfill sites to recycling centres, one project which has been announced is the Abu Kharita landfill which is the largest in Egypt.
  • This section gives you the latest industry news and insights zeroing in on all things recycling. Recent. ... testing and implementing sustainable solutions to move beyond the single-use plastic ...

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An information exchange for recycling and waste management professionals including a marketplace to exchange or recycle scrap metal, plastics, paper, glass, rubber, textiles and electronics.

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Similarly, plastics, though harmful for our society, has developed many usages over the time. Recycling several plastic materials, have now become a trend these days. Have piles of plastic bags here and there, pull out your creative skills and make these DIY Plastic Bag Recycling Projects work well for your kids.

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3D Filament Extruders, make filament from almost any plastic. Allowing you to 3D Print with the materials you use for production. Recycle plastic into filament creating a closed loop recycling system.

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The special charge for refuse and recycling will be $182 per stop for the year 2021. The City estimates collecting 1,200 tons of cardboard, newsprint, magazines and mixed paper, aluminum and steel containers, plastics, and mixed glass in 2020 at a projected cost of $156,600.

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Plastipak is a global leader in the rigid plastic packaging and recycling industries. With innovation as a key driver, Plastipak operates at more than 60 sites across the globe. Packaging Matters™ in making goods and essentials available for everyday life!

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