The system is a 1,100-node Apple Xserve cluster built by Virginia Tech and is ranked number 14 with a benchmark of 12.25 TeraFLOPS. When System X first debuted in November 2003 it benchmarked a bit lower (10.28 TeraFLOPS) and was rated the third most powerful computer in the world at that time.
In some specific tasks, the machine can actually peak at more than 1,000 petaflops or 1 exaflop. In comparison, the next-gen Xbox coming later this year offers 12 teraflops – or around one-hundredth of a petaflop – in graphical processing power.
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...perform around 1.03 teraFLOPS and the AMD FireStream 9270 cards peak at 1.2 teraFLOPS. It is the first computing project of any kind to cross the 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 native petaFLOPS milestone.

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  • A petaFLOPS is a measure of computer performance equal to a million billion floating point operations per second, and is thousands of times more powerful than the world's largest massively parallel computer. To achieve petaFLOPS capability will involve the harnessing of innovative advanced technologies and new computing paradigms.
  • 5 Performance progress In 2010, we measure the performance of the fastest supercomputers in petaflops (quadrillions of operations per second).

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Apr 08, 2009 · – Den teoretiske ytelsen på Titan i dag, er 60 teraflops. IT-direktøren har bebudet at systemet skal være på petaflopsnivå til universitetets 200-årsjubileum i 2011. Det kan bli hardt. Arealene våre er allerede for små, og for å skalere Titan til en petaflops må maskinen gjøres 20 ganger så stor som den er i dag.

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  • What is the Logic of the Title : PetaFLOPs = 1000 TeraFlops , But in the post the 21161 GFLOPS (21.161 TeraFLOPs) is nothing close to 1000 TeraFlops !!! There are 2048 execution units, and each can perform 8xFP32 operations per clock cycle.
  • Jun 23, 2020 · El túnel de viento numérico alcanzó en 1995 una velocidad máxima de 0,17 teraFLOPS. La mejor marca del Fugaku supera los 415.000 TFlops y duplica los del equipo que ocupa el segundo puesto del ranking , el estadounidense Summit, que había mantenido el liderazgo durante las últimas cuatro ediciones de la clasificación, publicada cada año ...

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As nouns the difference between teraflop and petaflop is that teraflop is (computing) a unit of computing power equal to 1000 (or 1024) gigaflops while petaflop is (computing) a unit of computing power equal to 1000 (or 1024) teraflops.

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...1.64 petaFLOPS, making Jaguar the world's first petaFLOPS system dedicated to open research. teraFLOPS (not "raw teraFLOPS" used by others to get higher but less meaningful numbers), and...

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More info @ Greg Newby, director of the Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Per Nyberg, C...

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Our goal is to follow this computing revolution from teraflops (1012 flops) to petaflops (1015 flops). Using this unprecedented computing power, available for the first time in the history of science and engineering, it will be possible to carry out realistic simulations of complex systems and processes in the areas of materials, nanotechnology ...

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Jun 13, 2018 · 125 teraflops/V100 * 4,608 nodes * 6 V100/node = 3,456 petaflops. I think the clockspeeds of the V100 are a bit lower than the theoretical maximum, as I've seen suggestions of 100 teraflops ...

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