SMRTbell adapters were then ligated onto the purified PCR products and the libraries were sequenced by Pacific Biosciences using P6-C4 chemistry on a PacBio RS II SMRT DNA sequencing system (Pacific Biosciences, Menlo Park, CA, USA).
1 day ago · Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. (NASDAQ:PACB) was the target of some unusual options trading on Tuesday. Stock investors purchased 9,235 call options on the stock. This represents an increase of 230% compared to the average volume of 2,798 call options. Shares of NASDAQ:PACB opened at $26.35 on Thursday. The firm has a market capitalization of […]
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Pretty much any sequencing technique. The caveat is that you’ll usually need to add known flanking sequences to the unknown sequence. For example, the public-sector side of the Human Genome Project (before the human genome sequence had been assemb...

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  • Article Title: Systematic profiling of full-length immunoglobulin and T-cell receptor repertoire diversity in rhesus macaque through long read transcriptome sequencing Article Snippet: ..Libraries were prepared using the SMRTbell template prep kit 1.0 and sequenced on the PacBio RS II platform with P6-C4 chemistry and 4-hour movie times at the University of Washington PacBio Sequencing ...
  • –C were indexed via DNA Barcodes by either tailed primers or barcoded SMRTbell™ adapters. Eight different 16-bp barcode sequences were used in symmetric & asymme-tric pairing. Eight DNA barcoded adapters in symmetric pairing were independently ligated to a pool of HLA-A, -B and –C for eight different individuals, one at a time and

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PacBio® Reads • Utilizes all PacBio data from single, long-insert library – Longest reads for continuity – All reads for high consensus accuracy Hierarchal Genome Assembly Process (HGAP) Chin et al. (2013 ) Nonhybrid, finished microbial genome assemblies from long read SMRT sequencing data.

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  • When opening the "Element info" of sequence lists imported with the PacBio importer, the item "Platform" will display the mention PACBIO. For PacBio reads imported without the PacBio importer, it is possible to edit that field to "PACBIO" by clicking Edit next to the "Read Group" section in the Element Info view.
  • • Direct genomic DNA sequencing of methyl groups, - direct epigenetic sequencing (paper under review). • Discovered 100% bias toward methylation of 20 CGG-repeat allele in female, – first direct methylated DNA sequencing in human disease. • DoD STTR award with PacBio. Basis of R01 applications.

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Oct 15, 2014 · Subreads (purple and gold) are separated by adapter sequences (green) • Read of Insert represents the highest quality single-sequence for an insert, regardless of number of passes • ≥ 2 full passes required for CCS • Both adapters must be detected for a read to be identified as “full pass” • Either individual subreads, read of ...

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Article Title: Automation of PacBio SMRTbell NGS library preparation for bacterial genome sequencing Article Snippet: ..The initial evaluation of the quantity and size distribution of the purified gDNA was with the Agilent 2200 TapeStation Nucleic Acid System (G2965AA) controlled by Agilent 2200 TapeStation Software A.01.05, using the Agilent Genomic DNA ScreenTape (5067–5365) and the ...

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Pacific Biosciences - Steven Turner " Applying Single Molecule Real Time DNA Sequencing" Realizing the power of polymerase SMRT. Each nucleotide is labeled uniquely, the flurophores are truncated, leaving behind just the dna.

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SMRTbell adapter SMRTbell adapter ゲノムDNAの断片化、 20kb付近の フラグメント回収 20kb ライブラリーの構築 (SMRTbell) シーケンス PacBio (RSⅡまたは Sequel) 形態 : ゲノムDNA ( 精製済み ) 必要量 : 16μg以上 濃度 : 50 ng / μl 以上 電気泳動 で Smear なし

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Pacific Biosciences. PacBio 为科学家开发出全面的解决方案,以推动基因组学领域、推进科学研究,并在全球范围内形成积极影响。. Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. is a biotechnology company founded in 2004 that develops and manufactures systems for gene sequencing and some novel real time biological observation.

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Each polymerase read is partitioned to form one or more subreads, which contain sequence from a single pass of a polymerase on a single strand of an insert within a SMRTbell™ template and no adapter sequences. The subreads contain the full set of quality values and kinetic measurements.

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