Jul 23, 2017 · Posts about odata written by SAP Basis Consultant. About; Solution Manager. Random issues faced during Business Process Monitoring (BPM) configuration on Solman 7.2
Right click on the Select_options(UI Container Created in previous step) and embed the While adding the interface controller of the select option in the properties of the view two methods will be created in the interface for the views. Filtering in Table UI Element.
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Business Example. A gateway OData service is getting all the products from the back-end system, but you don’t want to get all the products and you want to apply filters on the OData service so that required products are retrieved.

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  • DATA: lt_filter_select_options TYPE /iwbep/t_mgw_select_option, ls_filter_select_option TYPE On googling found a SAP Help which actually talked unit test integration and implementing a method to get the request context.
  • $filter query option is the most used query option whil accessing OData service.The framework does not provide default filtering.We need to implement it ourself.$filter query option allows us to filter the result set of GET_ENTITYSET LOOP AT it_filter_select_options INTO ls_filter_select_options.

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To add a filter to an OData URI, add $filter= to the end of the name of the published web service. The following table shows the filters that are supported in Dynamics NAV OData web services and the equivalent C/AL Example and explanation. Equivalent C/AL expression. Select a range of values.

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  • Example GET call, when IT_FILTER_SELECT_OPTIONS range table is is not filled with passed filter options Although data is returned from GET_ENTITYSET call. In our use case, we are depending on IT_FILTER_SELECT_OPTIONS range table to be filled...
  • 内表it_filter_select_options和iv_filter_string都传入了相关filter信息。 下面我们利用IT_FILTER_SELECT_OPTIONS做相应的筛选即可。 完成后测试ok:

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The key here is to use the function module called SELECT_OPTIONS_RESTRICT and There are two tables that you must populate with data and then append to another That's the extent of it. When you see it on the selection screen, you can understand what it does.

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A gateway OData service is getting all the products from the back-end system, but you don’t want to get all the products and you want to apply filters on the OData service so that required products are retrieved.

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It seems that some OData calls which use filters do not populate the table IT_FILTER_SELECT_OPTIONS. This has to be done manually in the backend by converting IV_FILTER_STRING. Scenario Search for an order which is an Opportunity (ProcessType eq ZBOP) and where the Sales Cycle Closing Date is between two dates (ScCdate ge datetime'2012-12-01T00:00:00' and ScCdate le datetime'2012-12-09T00:00:00')

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What are select-options in SAP ABAP ? Providing input range in selection screen using SAP ABAP programming.

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Simple configuration wizards are available in _______________.

lt_filter_select_options = it_filter_select_options. "Depending on whether there are already filters on customer Paul's writing has been featured in SAP Professional Journal, on the SAPinsider blog, and the popular Mindset blog.

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Implementing a custom provider for Task GatewayThe Task Consumption Model in Gateway is a harmonized task representation defined by SAP and exposed by SAP NetWeaver Gateway as a restful OData service.To enable third-party task engines to provision their tasks within this harmonized inbox (Unified Inbox), SAP NetWeaver Gateway provides an extensibility mechanism for adding additional task ...

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