At this stage two noble-gaslike structures have been formed, a sodium cation and a chlorine anion by the transfer of an electron from one type of atom to the other. It does not seem likely that the electrons will move if only the energy levels are considered.
C. The electrons that were lost must now be replaced. Enzymes in the thylakoid membrane break apart water molecules into 2 electrons, 2 H+ ions, and 1 oxygen atom. These electrons replace the high-energy electrons that chlorophyll has lost to the electron transport chain. The oxygen is considered a waste product and is released into the air.
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Jun 30, 2013 · A magnesium atom reacts with an oxygen atom to become more stable. As oxygen is in group 6 on the periodic table, it has six electrons in its outer shell. In order for an atom to become stable, it must have 8 electrons in its outer shell. As magnesium is in group 2, only one magnesium atom is required to react with an oxygen atom as the total ...

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  • For example, a water molecule has formula H 2 O indicating two hydrogen atoms bonded to one oxygen atom. Many chemical compounds have a unique CAS number identifier assigned by the Chemical Abstracts Service. Globally, more than 350,000 chemical compounds (including mixtures of chemicals) have been registered for production and use.
  • Each element has a unique atomic number, or a unique number of protons in its nucleus. Proton number never changes for any given element. For example, oxygen has an atomic number of 8. That tells us that oxygen always has 8 protons.Neutrons:Neutrons are the other particle found in the nucleus of an atom. Unlike protons and electrons, however ...

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The compound will be more poisonous than the elements, based on the chemical properties of the two elements. The compound will be as poisonous as the elements, based on the chemical properties of the two elements. 9.Students are studying how two substances react. The students mix substance 1 with substance 2 in a solution.

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  • Jan 11, 2013 · 23. In which compound have electrons been transferred to the oxygen atom? A. CO2 B. NO2 C. N2O D. Na2O 24. When a metal atom combines with a nonmetal atom, the nonmetal atom will A. lose electrons and decrease in size B. lose electrons and increase in size C. gain electrons and decrease in size D. gain electrons and increase in size 25.
  • Apr 20, 2020 · First of all, we know that for an atom to have a neutral charge, it must have the same number of protons and electrons. If an atom loses or gains electrons, it becomes ionized, or charged. The periodic table will give us the atomic number of an element. The atomic number tells us how many protons an atom has. For example, hydrogen has an atomic ...

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The number of protons an atom has is called the atom’s atomic number, and determines the atom’s identity (e.g. carbon atoms have 6 protons, oxygen atoms have 8 protons). 3) Electrons : Electrons are negatively charged particles that are found in electron shells surrounding the nucleus.

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Oct 29, 2008 · Both reactions involve the transfer of electrons, iron to oxygen in the first case, sodium to chlorine in the second. We chemists call reactions like these where electrons are transferred, oxidation – reduction reactions We can also define the shorthand term,

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Jan 23, 2011 · Ellen DeGeneres pays $49M for Montecito compound. ... In which compound have electrons been transferred to the oxygen atom? A) NO2 . B) CO2 . C) N2O . D) Na2O. Answer ...

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A \(Ca\) atom has two valence electrons, while a \(Cl\) atom has seven electrons. A \(Cl\) atom needs only one more to complete its octet, while \(Ca\) atoms have two electrons to lose. Thus we need two Cl atoms to accept the two electrons from one \(Ca\) atom. The transfer process looks as follows:

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The electrons are accelerated in a direction opposite to the field and thereby constitute an electric current. A crystal is called a semiconductor if less energy as compared to insulators is needed to transfer an electron from a filled to a conduction band.

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A better way to look at the carbon atom is by using an energy level graph shown at the right. Here we see carbon has six electrons represented by arrows (the direction of the arrow represents the electron spin) Two electrons are found in the 1s orbital close to the nucleus.

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