Grass seed calculations are often based on square footage or square meters for small residential lawns. How much grass seed do I need per acre? How much fescue grass seed do I need for overseeing 20,000 square feet with about 80% of existing coverage?
Lawn Seed Blanket is the all-in-one biodegradable mulch blanket with embedded grass seed that makes it easy to repair bare spots in your lawn. Just unroll, cut to size and water, it's that simple. For best results, stake down corners and edges, do not apply during or if expecting windy conditions, and wait to mow until grass is 3" tall
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species, grass family, seed speci, grass family, seeds species, grass's family, seed speci, grass's family, seeds. 16. The stone identified as a _ was the first step in opening the _ fields of that region, which have become the greatest in the world. 21-carats diamond, diamonds...

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  • Your Input Area: 1000 square feet Thickness: 3 inches Result You need a total of 250 cubic feet of topsoil, or 9.26 cubic yard of topsoil, or 167 1.5-cubic-foot bag of topsoil, or 125 2-cubic-foot bag of topsoil, or 84 3-cubic-foot bag of topsoil.
  • In general, the larger the seed, the more you'll need, but seeding rates vary by type. To determine the amount of seed you'll need per square foot, consider the grass type. Kentucky bluegrass requires 1 to 2 lbs. of seed per 1,000 square feet. Perennial ryegrass and tall fescue requires 5 to 9 lbs. of seed; fine fescue requires 3 to 5 lbs. of seed.

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For every square foot you are spending about $50. Depth: Although depth is apart of size, you must know that if you want a deeper pool it requires more digging and filling materials, therefore upping the cost. Now if your building a kiddie pool, or dog pool the cost will be less.

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  • Calculate the cost per square foot. This is useful in real estate or repair projects where the price is often quoted per square foot. Just type in any box.
  • If each square foot sells for $2.15, 21,780 sq ft × $2.15 per sq ft = $46,827. How many acres are contained in the tract described as "beginning at the NW corner of the SW¼, then south along the west line to the SW corner of the section, then east along the south line of the section 2,640 feet, more or...

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The cost of grass seed varies by the size of the area to be seeded, the coverage rate of the seed, and the Estimate how many rolls of sod you need for your lawn. A roll of sod covers 10 square feet so divide Old Victorian houses in Eureka, CA. do you KNOW how happy i would be to have this house...

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Slope should be 1" per 10 feet. Roll the area to provide a firm base for the sod. Soil surface should be 1-1.5 inches below sidewalks or border areas to allow for sod thickness.

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Use canes to mark out the area to be sown into square metres. Shake the box to mix up seeds. A good rule of thumb is to spread seed at 50g per square metre (or at the rate it says on the packet).

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Slope should be 1" per 10 feet. Roll the area to provide a firm base for the sod. Soil surface should be 1-1.5 inches below sidewalks or border areas to allow for sod thickness.

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How much experience do you have? Who will do the actual work? The business owner may be a salesman but not a refinisher. According to the vendor-neutral, online home source Homewyse, the average professionally completed refinishing job costs $3.32 to $3.70 per square foot in 2014.

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Jan 01, 2017 · This is about the size of a two-car garage. In New York, 400 square feet is the minimum size for a new apartment (although apartments built before the law took effect, in 1987, are often much smaller). This 400-square-foot Austin apartment has a separate kitchen and also a bedroom, although all the rooms are quite small. ***

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