Jul 05, 2011 · Right click, and from the menu select ‘Line Spacing’ >> The line height you wish to set (eg. 1.5 lines). You can see the two paragraphs in the screen shot above (behind the menu). The top paragraph has line spacing of 1.5 lines. The second paragraph has single line spacing.
Jul 10, 2017 · On the other hand, you might set 12-point text with something like 15-point spacing, which gives enough height for the text plus a little extra space. You can reduce the line spacing to fit more lines on the page, or you can increase it to improve readability.
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Set a specific width for two of the columns, leaving the rest of the columns to autofit based on the contents. set(t, 'ColumnWidth', {100 'auto' 'auto' 'auto' 'auto' 'auto' 150 'auto'}); Now, completely remove the row header by setting the RowName property to empty, using []. set(t, 'RowName', []); Resize the uitable to remove any extra space.

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  • Excel: create a dashboard in a complex workbook in NO TIME! (part 2) 538; Excel: getting excited with dashboards and camera snapshots! Excel: how come very few people know how to group (OUTLINE) in Excel? Excel: Short tip: maximize your sheet work area; Excel: Short Tip: AutoFit row height; Excel: combining totally different charts in the same view
  • Jul 27, 2017 · Right-click the first row, with your title, and select Insert. Click Entire Row. Repeat depending on how many extra rows you want. To make the background of the new rows white, highlight the new rows, click the paint bucket icon, and select white.

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For rows, you can use a very similar keyboard shortcut of ALT + H + O + A to autofit row heights.. Using Excel's AutoFit feature you can automatically change the width of columns and the height of rows in a worksheet to accommodate different sized text without having to manually change the width and height values.. A real time saver, the AutoFit feature can also make data in your worksheet ...

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  • Chapter – 13 Format – Row Height, Autofit Row Height, Column Width, AutoFit Column Width, Default Width, Hide and Unhide – Rows, Columns, Sheets, Rename Sheet, Move or Copy Sheet, Tab Color, Protect Sheet, Lock Cell, Format Cells
  • Adjusting column widths and row heights in Excel can make for a much nicer looking spreadsheet. No need for cells that get cut off! (Or, for that matter, cells that have a lot of extra space.) And if you learn to quickly use AutoFit, you can get perfectly sized cells in no time. Here's everything you need to know about resizing rows and columns.

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In some cases, the problem of extra space in some rows after invoking 'AutoFit Row Height' may be that a hidden column has wrapped text in those rows. BobO BobO There is a kb article on this which 'suggests' (it's unacceptably sparse, in classic Microsoft fashion) that if you ever set a row height, automatic height autofitting is permanently ...

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I have set all rows in all tables in all sections to auto for height. Still I have one px (or maybe 1pt) worth of space for each hidden section. I have a form with 10 major columns and a help button for each. There are eleven hidden sections between the heading row and the detail rows. So there are 11 pixels of space until you click a help button.

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Oct 13, 2019 · Sometimes the problem isn’t paragraph spacing (extra space above the text) and it also can’t be fixed by changing the line height. In the following illustration, the font for the large text is Calibri.

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Mar 08, 2017 · To have it done, please follow these steps: Go to the View tab > Workbook Views group and click the Page Layout button. This will display the rulers showing the... Select one, several or all rows on the sheet, and set the desired row height by dragging the boundary below one of the...

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May 20, 2017 · According to that a Item(row) in a List view acquire extra space other than the height of the controls inside it. Normally it may be 10px. So we have to add it to the height of the ListView. HeightRequest = (No.of items * Height of one Item) +(Default space + No.of items)

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Mar 08, 2017 · To have it done, please follow these steps: Go to the View tab > Workbook Views group and click the Page Layout button. This will display the rulers showing the... Select one, several or all rows on the sheet, and set the desired row height by dragging the boundary below one of the...

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