We include the Atlantic slave trade here since its beginnings in the 1400s were as much part of the European breakout into the Atlantic Ocean as were the first voyages to North America. And, of course, the result of the west African explorations was the transport of hundreds of thousands of Africans to North America over four centuries.
The Italian explorer who sailed for Spain in 1492, discovered the Americas. ~First to establish a major colony in the Americas ~Started the push for European expansionism in the late 15th and early 16th centuries ~Icon for early European exploration during the Renaissance
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What is happening in Europe in 1648CE. The past two centuries have seen the Ottoman empire conquer far up into Europe. At the same time, however, explorers have opened up South and North America. to European colonization, and Africa and Asia to European trade.

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  • Jan 24, 2012 · Researchers from Germany and the United States suggest that the European conquest triggered the loss of more than half the Native American population. The results of their study provide new ...
  • He was not aware of the American continents, and his calculations led him to believe that sailing to the west would allow him to reach China and other points in India and Indonesia. Engraving illustrating Columbus’ landfall at Guanahaní on December 6, 1492, where the Europeans first contacted Arawak and Taino peoples.

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History map of the European Colonization in North America to 1700; illustrating English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish Possessions, Territory in dispute. The New Netherlands, including the Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, annexed by the Dutch in 1655 and ceded to England in 1664.

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  • Bowden, Henry W. American Indians and Christian Missions. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1981. Bragdon, Kathleen J. Native People of Southern New England. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1996. Carpenter, Delores Bird. Early Encounters-Native Americans and Europeans in New England.
  • Spanish sailed west in the belief that Asia lay just across the Atlantic. In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, claiming these lands for the Spanish crown. He thought he had reached the Indies, but later voyages proved him wrong. In 1519, another Spanish expedition, led by Ferdinand Magellan, set out to

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By the mid 1700's, new territorial disputes between England and France eventually resulted in England gaining control over much of North America after the French and Indian War. English colonies flourished in North America until 1776 when the colonists declared their independence.

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Mar 07, 2008 · Chapter 2: European Exploration of the Americas 1492–1700 Section 1: Spain Claims an Empire Main Idea: Spain Claimed a large empire in the Americas. In 1493, Pope Alexander VI drew an imaginary north-south line--the Line of --which divided the world into two parts.

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Europeans, such as the Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and the English decided to send thousands of people to North & South America between the 1600s-1700s. These nations decided to spread their empire’s influence in the western world. Most importantly, the European nations wanted land. From the land, they expected to find riches.

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Spain's empire in the Americas maintained a complex racial classification system that arranged people hierarchically based on the "purity" of their blood. The California frontier — free of imperial bureaucracy and pure-blooded elites — was a place where castas (people of mixed ancestry) could move up the racial hierarchy.

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From 1400 to 1700, Dutch per capita income growth was the fastest in Europe, and from 1600 to the 1820s its level was the highest. Before 1600 this performance was due to seizure of opportunities for trade in Northern Europe, and success in transforming agriculture by hydraulic engineering.

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Dec 13, 2020 · Drawing particularly on the work of Alfred W. Crosby, Taylor shows how a mostly unintentional European “Ecological Imperialism” utterly transformed the human and non-human environment of both North America and Europe after 1492.[4] Viral diseases from Europe, Asia, and Africa devastated Native American communities.

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