As for that video above I believe they are simply mimicking the direct movement from the controller. There has been some interesting discussions going on about what forces you would actually feel in space, the suggestion being that when you accelerate you should feel the relative force until the desired speed has been reached, and then nothing.
Oct 05, 2020 · Elite Dangerous: I still can’t believe how much more immersive Elite has become in Index. On the practical side, I’ve been able to actually lower the amount of super-sampling I was using in settings, thanks to the Index’s sub-pixel improvements.
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Commodities in Elite: Dangerous - Average prices, maximum profit and station coverage

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  • Elite Dangerous on Valve Index including images, videos, release date, rating, reviews, game controls and any lists that include Elite Dangerous.
  • May 27, 2020 · The Index is a fantastic pile of tech and the most luxe VR experience available. But at $999, the full kit (headset, controllers, base stations) costs more than double the $399 Rift S.

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Aug 26, 2020 · There are several controller options for VR. I have Vive wands alongside Valve’s Index controllers, and I use them both. The problem is that the finger-tracking on the Index controllers is imprecise. Sometimes things won’t grab, other times you’ll find yourself accidentally dragging a box half a level when your hand won’t let go.

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  • Fresh install of Windows 10 and Steam + Elite Dangerous and YA my Xbox Controller doesn't work even after Big Picture Mode says that it has Loaded the Official Community Default... See if disabling the generic gamepad support in Steam for this game will help. Steam can cause such problems with controllers.
  • Oct 24, 2019 · The controllers have a different design from the original Vive. They glow, have joysticks, XY and AB buttons, triggers, bumpers, and grip buttons. They’re basically Oculus Touch controllers with a flashy light up design that take a whopping 4 AA batteries.

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It happens whether I launch SteamVR then activate a controller, or switch the controllers on first, then start SteamVR. The G2 controllers work fine in WMR Portal. SteamVR works fine, if the G2 controllers are off. Example: I've been playing Elite: Dangerous via SteamVR without issue (it uses different controllers, flight stick etc).

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Hey all, loving the index, oh my god. I’m trying to set up Elite Dangerous to use in VR mode with the added bonus of the index controllers as joysticks. This uses a third party software called Elite Dangerous Cockpit, finding it cool hard to set up consistently.

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SteamVR overlay providing a virtual throttle / joystick / 6DOF controls, map controls, and holographic buttons for Elite Dangerous that work with tracked VR controllers. I/O Daniel Friesen Updated : Dec 18, 2019 1

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Oct 17, 2020 · With buttery-smooth frame rates of up to 144Hz, you can enjoy all sorts of PC-powered VR titles, like Elite Dangerous, Beat Saber, and Project Cars 2. The speakers produce surprisingly clear audio ...

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Elite VR Cockpit (Alpha) Elite VR Cockpit is a SteamVR overlay for Elite Dangerous. The overlay is currently in an early alpha stage but contains a fair bit of basic functionality. Note: The early alpha has only been tested on the Vive with the Vive wands. Normally other HMDs work fine without any extra work.

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I have my ds4 controller plugged in, set the profile in steam configuration, set the in game control to "control pad". But, in game, it doesn't seem to work properly. It says "press or Y to target" When I hit triangle, which would be Y, nothing happens. If I hit T on the keyboard it will target, but not triangle. X on the controller will bring up chat.

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