"Anunnaki Gods of Ancient Egypt". "This presentation is primarily sourced from the works of Zecharia Sitchin; specifically "The Wars of Gods and Men." Incredible as it may sound, a document exists that describes the first war in which the gods involved mortal men."
Awakened-UK Hinduism Leave a comment Jul 28, 2019 Jul 28, 2019 The Three Pillars of Zen 1 Imagine a child sleeping next to its parents and dreaming it is being beaten or is painfully sick.
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Reptilians evolved in two separate planets, one was Earth and the other was a planet near the brightest star in the Draco constellation (Draconis). Reptilians from the Draco system are manipulative and deceiving by nature. These Reptilians are so advanced that, like Arcturians, they have surpassed the physical limitations of their material bodies.

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  • Hinduism and Hindu Gods. The general nature of the religion. Devotional Sects. Share on email. A majority of Indians are Hindus (nearly 80 percent). Hinduism originates from the Indian subcontinent and is considered the oldest and the 3rd largest religion globally in terms of adherents.
  • 10 hindu gods, goddesses and yoga postures you need to know. Colorful, vibrant, musical, and story-driven, Hinduism is a religion that inspires many Yoga and Hinduism are often practices that go hand-in-hand in the West but are more deeply fused and widely practiced in India.

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  • Fascinatingly, the author of Genesis changes the name of God in the second chapter to Yahweh Elohim, which most English Bibles translate as Lord God. It is this aspect of God that creates our soul self, different from the spirit self that Elohim made in Genesis 1:26.
  • Dec 28, 2020 · Share This: Native Elders MEditation ~ 7th Dimensional Elysium Energies – Kin 220 ~Yellow Crystal Sun ☀️ My Heart Speaks 1teSgpoa5nnshoredo · Elder’s Meditation of the Day November 4 “The honor of the people lies in the moccasin tracks of the woman. Walk the good road…. Be dutiful, respectful, gentle, and modest my daughter… Be strong with the warm, strong heart of the earth. No ...

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Surya, in Hinduism, both the Sun and the Sun god. Although in the Vedic period (1500-5th century bce) several other deities also possessed solar characteristics, most of these were merged into a single god in later Hinduism. Surya was once ranked along with Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti, and Ganesha, and.

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These are spiritual beings manifesting in the physical. MUFON knows this...

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Edward Moor published The Hindu Pantheon in 1810, and this new volume draws upon his exposition of India's religious iconography to offer a spectacular array of images of Hindu deities. Dramatic engravings and line drawings include scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata as well as temple...

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Arcturian Starseed: Know Them Close. Arcturian is a quite old race, but they have initiated to incarnate in the surrounding worlds recently. Arcturian starseeds are very strong and stand firm on their beliefs. They are the planners and know how to complete their plans.

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hindu gods. The Trinity Is One (Plus Two). When Dino Djalal, the Ambassador from Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, wanted to give a gift to Washington, D.C., he chose a statue of a Hindu goddess.

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The Bible also talks, between the lines, about another effect of this nuclear war: Radiation poisoning of the human race. If you read through the generations of men immediately proceeding Joseph, and note their lifespans, they consistently average between 175 and 200 years. Th

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